Collect 5 signature autumn scents from the limited-edition Fall Candles Mini Box.

Fall Candles Box - Mini Set of 5

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Collect 5 signature autumn scents from the limited-edition Fall Candles Mini Box. Gift your home or loved ones with mini festive fragranced soy candles made with the best natural ingredients for a long-lasting scent throw. These clean-burning candles use soy wax to prevent frosting and offer better lighting with none of the dangers associated with paraffin wax. For best flame, trim wick to ⅛” to keep candle(s) burning evenly.


- 5 mini natural soy wax candles with cotton wick
- Free from paraffin, parabens, and sulfates
- Packaged in 2oz rose gold tin
- 50+ burn time

Pampered luxury candles derived from the finest oils and waxes. Expect long-lasting fragranced rooms when one of the "Pampered by Peta" candles are lit.

Trim wick to 1/8 of an inch before lighting to reduce smoke and influence burn time. To maximize the candle's scent throw or to secure an even burn for future uses, let the wick burn for an hour so the wax can melt across the surface perfectly. Never leave a lit candle unattended.