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Behind the Experience
of the Beauty Spa and Nail Bar
Founded by Peta-Gay Plummer, a beauty and nail arbiter, the Peta Experience merges Plummer's delirium for skin pampering, home fragrances, and nail bar concierge services.

Shop the Pampered by Peta aromatherapy line for home and self care indulgences. Try luxury appealing body butters and spa care sets featuring scrubs, oils, sprays, and candles.

Book in-home spa and one-on-one nail appointments under the mobile concierge of Painted by Peta. Her nail bair offers a range of manicure and pedicure services, including specialties in nail art, face and hand massages, and spa concierge for parties.

Body Bliss
Try luxury appealing body butters and body care sets. Made from rich emollients whipped in blends and scent infusions.
Home Fragrances
Sort through room spa indulgences for the home. Candle and room spray delirium.
Nail Concierge
Mobile nail & spa concierge. Perfect vendor for parties and social events.
Peta Gay-Plummer Founder

Sierra Gray Co-Founder