Peta's Products and Services

What is "The Peta Experience"?

Founded by Peta-Gay Plummer, a beauty and nail arbiter, the Peta Experience merges Plummer's delirium for skin pampering, home fragrances, and nail bar concierge services.

Shop the Pampered by Peta aromatherapy subsidiary for home and self care indulgences. Try luxury appealing body butters and spa care sets featuring scrubs, oils, sprays, and candles. This line caters to exhibiting quintessential home fragrances and body works that are all about relaxing and de-stressing. Intentional from formulation to product design, all items are individually curated with care and made from organic elements to ensure quality control.

Book an in-home or one-on-one nail appointments with Painted by Peta. Her nail wellness subsidiary offers a range of manicure and pedicure services, including specialties in nail art, face and hand massages, and spa concierge for parties. Based in Tampa, FL.